Waffles with teff

Glutenfree, vegan waffles, with the Ethiopian super grain teff

Teff is a gluten free flour, which is particularly fiber rich and nutritious. Lately, I have used teff for various types of baking, including waffles. It worked out fine, since the recipe included eggs. But how will it work if there is no eggs in the waffles?

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Mariahuset’s festive cake with dates, walnuts and teff

Sponge cake with teff, dates and walnuts, topped with whipped cream

The last weeks and months I have explored how the ancient Ethiopian grain teff works in cakes. Teff flour is highly nutritious, with a high content of fiber, proteins and minerals, it is the staple food of Ethiopians, and most importantly here, teff is naturally glutenfree.

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