A.Spurkland-1mMy name is Anne Spurkland, I am a professor of medicine at the University of Oslo and the author of the book “Free Cakes. The Art of Baking Super-Yummy Cakes without Milk/Flour/Egg/Sugar” which was published in Norwegian in 2011. The book takes an analytical approach to the chemical challenges posed by baking cakes free from one or several key ingredients. More than 5000 copies of the book has been sold in Norway. The book is not yet translated to English.

You can read more about my approach to baking and cake chemistry here.

As a sequel to the publication of the book, the blog friekaker.no was started in September 2011. Here I have continued to write about free cakes and cake chemistry, and have developed my ideas about free cake baking further. The blog has been up and running since then, however with a 15 months break in 2015-2016 due to unforeseen technical problems.

In my civil life I am also a researcher in immunology, and in 2012 I started to write a second blog, immunglimt.no. (Currently under translation to immuneglimpse.com). As a continuation of this blog, I have now published my second book, which was launched in October 2017: “Immune. The Body’s Eternal Struggle to Survive“. Also this is only available in Norwegian as yet.

The current blog freecakes.no will publish English versions of selected blog posts previously published on the Norwegian friekaker.no blog.

Anne S

Disclaimer 1: Although I am a medical doctor and immunologist, who present recipes for cakes that can be made and eaten by people with diet restriction and allergies, nothing on this blog should take the place of your physician. Please always follow your doctor’s orders. If a specific brand is noted, please always re-check the labels to make sure it fits your dietary needs, as ingredients and manufacturing processes can change from the time of publishing.

Disclaimer 2: If nothing else is stated, the recipes on this blog has been developed/invented by me.

Blog page by Anne Spurkland, published 26th May 2018

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