Mariahuset’s festive cake with dates, walnuts and teff

Sponge cake with teff, dates and walnuts, topped with whipped cream

The last weeks and months I have explored how the ancient Ethiopian grain teff works in cakes. Teff flour is highly nutritious, with a high content of fiber, proteins and minerals, it is the staple food of Ethiopians, and most importantly here, teff is naturally glutenfree.

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Mother Monsen’s Pound Cake

IMG_20180606_132652495-editIn Norway, one of the classic cakes is called Mother Monsen (Mor Monsen). It is a pound cake baked in a square tin, and cut into diamond shaped rectangles before serving. It is typically made for Christmas, and it is topped with currants and flaked almonds. Continue reading

Classic Brownie


Classic Brownie with a secret ingredient and no wheat

At a flee market last week end I got hold of a tiny book with recipes for 30 different brownies (Ingrid Wikholm: Brownies). The only recipe that did not call for egg, butter and flour was the last brownie-recipe in the book, named Brownies Without Wheat Flour. Here flour was exchanged with ground almonds and hazelnuts. Continue reading

Snicker’s Cake

Mørk sjokoladekake med peanøttsmørkrem!
Dark chocolate cake with peanut butter cream!

I have become columnist in Aftenposten’s new magazine “Bake”. The column’s name is of course “Free cakes“, and readers of this blog will probably recognize some of what I’m going to write in this column. But this also gives me the opportunity to go the other way. Continue reading